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Frederic Bossart

Managing Director

Frédéric Bossart start his career in 1994 at the SBS (Swiss Bank Corporation) in Geneva in various departments which enabled him to acquire significant experience in several areas. In 1997 he joined SBC Warburg in Zurich in the department of Credit Risk Management.

Back in Geneva in 1999 he was offered an opportunity to join work and training with an external asset manager and benefited from being trained as a financial analyst and asset manager with the AZEK.

In 2000, Frederic Bossart joined one of the first Multi-Family Office in Geneva as a financial analyst in charge of UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individual) clients with assets over 150Mio.

In 2002, Frederic Bossart became partners and co-founded DAPM SA, a company specializing in wealth management supervision by consolidating their wealth held in different financial institutions. In June 2011, after nine years spent in the direction of DAPM SA, Frédéric Bossart left and took over the management of the family business (Finas Management SA) created by his father in 1984.